Legacy Shield

Introducing Legacy Habitat Banks' innovative new service, Legacy Shield, our complete wrapping service for key BNG stakeholders.

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Legacy Shield, the all-in-one solution for BNG Market success

Legacy Habitat Banks is a habitat banking sector trailblazer dedicated to advancing biodiversity conservation across England.

We proudly present Legacy Shield, our innovative service designed to empower key stakeholders in the BNG chain to enhance their BNG initiatives and assets.

This service utilises our first-hand experience delivering BNG to meticulously address the “unknown unknowns” of bringing BNG Unit projects to market.

Legacy Shield offers a ground-breaking wrapping approach to utilising your land assets within the BNG market while ensuring the complexities and conflicts in liability, governance, transparency, and compliance are taken care of.

Who is Legacy Shield for?

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Local Planning Authorities (LPA)

Legacy Shield offers LPA’s another route to bringing their land assets to BNG market.

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Legacy Shield can help you bring your own Habitat Banks to market without the need for an extensive in-house team or numerous contractors and liabilities.

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Other BNG Unit Providers

Bring your habitat banks online in scale while reducing your liabilities.

Local Planning Authorities (LPA)

As a Local Planning Authority (LPA), you face unique challenges when engaging in the Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) market. Given your multifaceted roles within the BNG framework, conflicts of interest may surface in decision-making, fulfilling BNG obligations, and managing your assets.

To mitigate these challenges, LHB takes on full liability for the creation, management, delivery, and reporting of the habitat bank. This arrangement allows you to enter into s106 agreements with LHB, acting as the effective habitat bank landowner, thus bypassing potential conflicts of interest.

Furthermore, this method ensures that the necessary funds are securely allocated by LHB and permits you to enforce directly against LHB, offering a straightforward and efficient way for you to manage your participation in the BNG market.

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You might be looking to make the most of your land assets by providing off-site BNG Units, perhaps even supplying excess units to other developers.

However, setting up off-site habitat banks is intricate, opening you up to long-term commitments and various liabilities. Creating BNG habitat banks requires specific expertise and incurs significant costs, which could lead to unwanted expenses and time spent.

Legacy Shield provides you with a way to navigate these challenges, enabling you to leverage your assets without taking on liability and operational stress, all while achieving considerable cost savings compared to buying BNG Units on the open market.

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As a BNG Unit provider, you may find yourself at various stages of your habitat bank journey when marketing your units, which can contribute to a sense of uncertainty in the BNG Unit market.

You might not fully understand the extent of liability you're taking on under s106 obligations, or the importance of allocating enough funds for long-term management and reporting requirements.

Legacy Shield is here to offer you comprehensive support, ensuring the high-integrity delivery of your units under a recognized wider habitat bank, thus minimizing your exposure to escalating liabilities and costs.

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A road separates housing from greenbelt land.
Aerial view of construction machinery on a building site.
An aerial view of a tractor at work in a farm.

How Legacy Shield works

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Step One

Discovery Meeting

Once an initial enquiry has been made, a member of our Legacy Shield team will be in contact to arrange an initial meeting to discuss your projects and aspirations.

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Step Two

Requested Information

Following the initial discovery meeting, we will request the necessary documents to allow us to assess the proposed assets and requirements for suitability.

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Step Three

Due Diligence

Our team of surveyors, land managers, ecologists and BNG specialists will review the information provided and confirm whether the proposed projects are viable for inclusion in Legacy Shield.

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Step Four

Agreement & Beyond

If successful, our team will produce the necessary legal documentation to incorporate the projects into Legacy Shield and commence the process of bringing your sites under our habitat bank and to market.

Reap the benefits of Legacy Shield

Discover how Legacy Shield can elevate your BNG initiatives and assets - contact us today to learn more about our innovative habitat banking solutions.

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Enhance your BNG initiatives and assets with Legacy Shield.

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