Biodiversity Net Gain for Developers

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Mandatory Biodiversity Net Gain is here, with most developments required to consider BNG during their planning process from April 2024 and with Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects falling under the scope of BNG in 2025 we are here to help.

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How We Help

We specialise in sourcing and supplying BNG Units for you, as well as managing and reporting responsibilities for the required 30-year period.

This lets you concentrate on your core competencies, confident that these critical aspects are handled by experienced professionals.

Our Solutions

Welcome to your all-in-one solution for effortlessly meeting your BNG requirements.

Our services are crafted with developers in mind, providing a comprehensive turnkey solution that takes care of everything from A to Z, a bespoke sourcing service customised for your specific needs, and dedicated support for any unique challenges you might face.

With our expert assistance, fulfilling your BNG obligations seamlessly integrates into your project’s success. Let us simplify compliance for you, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best – creating outstanding projects.

Our BNG Units

Tailored for you as a developer, this solution provides immediate access to our inventory of BNG Units, ensuring they perfectly match the specific needs of your project and offer a direct route to fulfilling your off-site BNG Unit obligations without the unnecessary costs and delays associated with Statutory Biodiversity Credits.

Key Benefits of our BNG Units for You:

Immediate Availability

You can access BNG Units without any delay, enabling swift and secure compliance with your planning requirements.

Assured Compliance

We take over the responsibility of off-site BNG Unit planning obligations for the entire 30-year lifecycle, offering you complete peace of mind.

High-Integrity BNG Units

We guarantee the quality and reliability of our BNG Units, backed by comprehensive ecological reports, a robust Habitat Management & Maintenance Plan, and stringent financial safeguards.

Independent Auditing

For the utmost transparency, we utilise third-party ecological oversight for all statutory BNG reporting to ensure the highest standards of governance.

Full Support

Our BNG Units come with comprehensive planning support to assist you with all your Biodiversity Net Gain requirements during the planning application process.

Our team is here to address any queries from Local Planning Authorities and ensure thorough consultation, providing a smooth and supportive experience from start to finish.

Our Bespoke Solutions

Our custom BNG solution is meticulously crafted to meet the unique requirements of your project, especially when standard solutions just won't do. This personalised service is perfect for managing complex BNG Unit needs, like specialised Watercourse BNG Units, or navigating the intricacies of a diverse project portfolio.

Key Benefits of Our Beskpoke BNG Units for You:

Customised Biodiversity Strategies

Recognising the importance of aligning BNG requirements with your project goals, we offer a personalised habitat creation service. From the initial planning stages to final LPA approval, our experts are here to guide you, ensuring your BNG units not only meet all regulatory standards but also significantly contribute to your development's objectives.

Strategic Mitigation Site Selection

We commit ourselves to find the perfect mitigation site to fulfil your project's offsite BNG needs, prioritising locations within or near your project's Local Planning Authority (LPA) or National Character Area (NCA) to best enhance your development.

Efficient and Economical

Our Bespoke Solution is designed to achieve both ecological and regulatory success, as well as financial and temporal efficiency. By choosing to work with us, you'll avoid the higher costs associated with government credits and mitigate potential delays, ensuring your project moves forward smoothly and cost-effectively.

Our BNG Consultancy Services

Our deep expertise in Biodiversity Net Gain springs from a thorough understanding and direct experience with the complexities and challenges you face as stakeholders.

Our BNG Consultancy is meticulously tailored to mesh with your unique needs, tackling your most urgent concerns head-on. We've successfully navigated landowners, developers, Local Planning Authorities, and even other habitat banks through the BNG process.

Our Key Services for You:

Ecological Assessment

Our committed team, enhanced by strategic industry partnerships, conducts ecological assessments to facilitate the integration of biodiversity enhancements into your projects.

Monitoring Services

We offer comprehensive monitoring, reporting, and verification services to provide you with the crucial evidence of on-site BNG achievements, ensuring your initiatives are transparent and accountable.

Governance and Regulatory Guidance

The web of regulatory and governance requirements can seem daunting. Depend on us for expert guidance to sail through these challenges, ensuring that best practices for BNG are not just considered but fully implemented.

Stakeholder Engagement Support

Understanding the importance of robust stakeholder relationships, we're here to back you up in engaging stakeholders and conducting public consultations, building trust, and fostering collaboration.

Become Net Gain Compliant

Act now and consider your BNG Unit requirements today. Ensure that your development pipeline is secure.

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Find out how we help you meet your BNG requirements.

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