Legacy Habitat Banks for Landowners

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Landowners have a unique opportunity to diversify their income by creating habitat banks, providing BNG units to an ever-growing market!

It is a mandatory requirement for developers to ensure at least 10% improvement to biodiversity in order to meet their obligations under the Environment Act 2021.

The value of each BNG Unit created will vary, but prices of £40,000+ per BNG Unit have been achieved, with the national average thought to be in the regions of £25,000 - £35,000 as of the February 2024 implementation date.

There are costs to BNG Unit creation, registration, and sales; nevertheless, there is significant income potential.

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What We're Looking For

We have set up habitat banks across the country and are looking for landowners keen to diversify their income while making a difference to our biodiversity.

Land with Potential

Suitable Land

Low Ecological Value

Land with low ecological value, i.e. grazing land where grassland has been improved.

Unproductive Land

Land that is not productive.

Easy Access

Ideally, there should be good unrestricted access to the land.

Restoration Potential

Land with hedgerow creation or restoration potential.

A Suitable Size

A minimum area of 10 hectares.

Land without Potential

Unsuitable Land

A Special Interest Site

It was designated as a national (SSSI) or international (SAC, SPA, Ramsar) site of importance to wildlife.

Ancient Woodland

Areas of woodland that have persisted since 1600.

Irreplaceable Habitats

Areas where complex biodiversity can not be replaced having accumulated over hundreds of years.

Agricultural Lands

Class 1 and 2 agricultural lands (unless for hedgerow/field margin habitat creation).

Unlock the Value of Your Land

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