Legacy Habitat Banks Ltd (LHB), one of the leading habitat bank aggregators in the country, has a story that's as rich as the biodiversity it helps to protect. Born out of a family's love for nature and a desire to create meaningful, lasting impacts on biodiversity, LHB has grown from a humble family farm to a respected industry leader. Our history is a testament to the power of collaboration, strategic partnerships, and the integrity of our habitat banking model.

From a Family Farm to a Leading Habitat Bank#

Our story begins with the Gutierrez-Inostroza family at Helms Deep, Preston. This family-run farm was not just a home for the family but also a haven for nature and wildlife.

species richness protected by a habitat bank

Helms Deep Pilot Site Woodland Area

The first significant step in our journey was the acquisition of Helms Deep to provide a site for the children's charity El Nino. This allowed disadvantaged children to experience the benefits of nature and wildlife firsthand. The family then ensured the safety of the habitat by removing the land from the local shoot, creating a sanctuary for birds around the ponds and other areas of the land.

The commitment to a more natural, sustainable approach to farming saw a cessation of using chemicals and fertilisers. This decision contributed significantly to the biodiversity of the land. A subsequent step was the establishment of a woodland with over 3,000 native trees as part of the Woodlands from Waste initiative. This formed the basis of Legacy Woodlands, a natural burial ground established on site.

The Birth of Legacy Habitat Banks Ltd

Surveys conducted on the land demonstrated its rich biodiversity. With over 32 species of birds, including Lapwing, Curlew, Oystercatchers, Muntjac and Roe deer calling it home, the land became a beacon of nature's resilience and diversity.

Some of our residents

Further studies indicated the potential for 50+ Biodiversity Net Gain Units, thanks to the already impressive condition of biodiversity on site. It was against this backdrop of thriving biodiversity that Legacy Habitat Banks Ltd was born.

We established LHB, utilising the Helms Deep Pilot Site as a research and testing site. This allowed us to compare various models and harness innovative AI and expertise in establishing our industry-leading Joint Venture model.

Growth and Recognition

As of November 2022, our journey took us into a new chapter, with LHB becoming part of the Net Gain Solutions Ltd ecosystem. This expanded our leadership team and introduced a range of supporting teams, including chartered surveyors, admin and executive support, financial advisors, and legal counsel. These additions have allowed us to be recognised by industry partners as one of the leading habitat bank aggregators in the market today!

Our Mission

While we have grown in size, our mission to have a lasting and meaningful impact on biodiversity remains unchanged. We are privately owned and not subject to outside influence on our equitable model or approach. We have always been, and will always remain, landowner-created, landowner-led.

Our story is a testament to our values and deep love for nature. At Legacy Habitat Banks Ltd, we believe in the power of collaboration, strategic partnerships, and the integrity of our habitat banking model. Our history is not just about our journey but about our impact on biodiversity. We hope you'll join us as we continue to write the following chapters of our story.